Easy Tips to Follow While Traveling

Ideally, you could jump onto an airplane and arrive at your destination feeling as great as when you departed. However, that’s not always the case. Many habits and familiar conditions are disrupted during travel, especially during a cross-country or overseas trip. Diet, exercise, clothing, sleep patterns, exposure to light and dark, noise, ambient temperature, and humidity all influence your internal physiology which influences the way you feel and behave. Of all these, your travel diet is one of the easiest to control. Here are some ways to make your food intake work for you.

Food Tips for Travelers

  • The strategy is simple, and fancy diet planning is not needed. Just begin a light diet 12 hours before departure and maintain that style of eating throughout most of the trip. You’ll feel more comfortable, and you will also avoid some dietary pitfalls, especially during overseas travel.
  • A light diet emphasizes breads, cereals, vegetables, fruit, and low-fat dairy products. Get protein from fish, poultry, grains, and small amounts of eggs and hard cheese. Avoid or eat tiny portions of beef and fat-laden sauces, creams, fried foods, and rich desserts.
  • Never eat unwashed fruits or vegetables. This is vital especially when you travel outside this country. In foreign countries, avoid eating raw foods unless you’ve washed or peeled them yourself. Don’t eat foods from street vendors.
  • Never travel hungry. This simple strategy helps you avoid being at the mercy of the fast-food snack vendors and poorly planned airline meals. Light, healthful snack foods are now available at airports. Look for fresh or dried fruits, nuts, unbuttered popcorn and low-fat fresh or frozen yogurt.
  • Consider packing your own snacks from home. For the first day of travel, bring your own homemade turkey or chicken and lettuce sandwich. Don’t add mayonnaise if it will be unrefrigerated for longer than one hour. Instead, bring a commercial packet of mayo to add at the last minute.
  • Special meals are available on some, but not all, airlines. Seafood, fruit platters, low-fat, and vegetarian meal plans are lighter and more healthful than the regular menus served. Request special meals from the airlines or your travel agent when you book your ticket or at least 24 hours before your flight.
  • Drink plenty of liquids. Airplane cabin air can be very dry. This can produce dehydration which is the cause of many travel complaints, ranging from headaches to mild constipation.
  • Avoid caffeine, at least until the end of your flight.
  • If you wish to drink alcohol, limit yourself to one drink and order a light beverage like a wine spritzer.
  • Other Tips for Travelers
  • Bring a travel mug to hold your drinks
  • Start your trip well rested even though it may seem impossible.
  • Get a good exercise workout just before your departure. Slight muscle fatigue helps you relax for a long bout of sitting. If you travel in the morning, schedule your workout the day before departure. If you travel at night, have a hard workout earlier in the day.
  • Board the plane early to have full access to overhead luggage storage, leaving room for you to stretch your legs beneath the seat in front.
  • Wear comfortable, layered clothing so that you can easily adapt to changing air temperatures.
  • Adjust your biological time clock by following the local time schedule immediately. This will help you avoid long-term jet lag. A short nap after arrival is fine, but don’t sleep your first day away.
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Review of Acoustic Guitar Humidifiers

Keeping an acoustic guitar at a proper humidity level is critical for the long-term health of acoustic guitars. This is especially true in the cold winter weather, and worse if you live in a dry climate. If the guitar does not have enough humidity, the wood will dry out and possibly crack. Guitars are simply wood and glue, so any change in temperature contributes to the expanding or contracting of the wood. Most experts agree that ideal humidity levels are between forty to fifty percent relative humidity, with a room temperature of 72 degrees. Even though these humidifiers are just intended for guitars we recommend looking here for room level humidifiers.

So, what are the choices? Apart from using an effective guitar humidifier, I strongly urge that the guitar remain in its’ case when not in use.

Over the years I’ve experimented with several different guitar humidifiers. The Dampit has been around a longtime, but I’m bothered by the contact it has inside the body of the guitar. Even a drop of water on the inside of the guitar is not good.

Planet Waves makes a guitar humidifier that goes between the third and fourth strings of the guitar. It doesn’t touch the body of the guitar, but it’s difficult to judge when the inside sponge needs dampened, making humidification imprecise.

A home humidifier was not an option for me, so I continued to search for a good product. I stumbled across the Oasis guitar humidifier. A round cylinder is placed between the third and fourth strings, and held in place by a plastic crossbar. The greatest asset with this soundhole humidifier is that it shrinks up when it needs refilled, so it takes care of the guesswork. I use this humidifier on most of my guitars.

There’s one more option, which I use with my most expensive guitar. It’s the Planet Waves Humidipak. Leak proof packets go into two pouches that rest between the third and fourth strings. There’s also a pouch that holds a packet for the headstock area of the guitar case. This product works both ways; if the guitar needs humidity, the product provides it. If it’s a bit too humid, the Humidipak still works to maintain a forty-five degree relative humidity. When the packets gets hard, it’s time to replace them. It’s simple, effective, and leaves no guesswork.

Acoustic guitars need care in the summer as well to maintain the ideal humidity level. The use of a hygrometer helps to monitor these levels in the area you keep your guitar, whether it’s a closet, living room or bedroom. I do not recommend keeping guitars in the basement.

Remember also to allow your guitar to acclimate to sudden changes in temperature. Going from cold to a warm home can cause finish cracks if the guitar doesn’t have time to slowly adjust to the temperature change. Never put your guitar in the trunk of the car. Temperatures in the trunk of a car in summer or winter are too extreme for the guitar to handle. I don’t even leave my guitar in the backseat of my car, in any weather, unless it’s a quick trip to pick up one or two items at a store.

Take good care of your guitar and it will give you many years of enjoyment.

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The Remington T Studio Collection 1875 Watt Hair Dryer vs the ConairPro Plimatic 2000 Super Turbo Hair Dryer

Just like many American women I have tried an innumerable amount of hairdryers throughout the years. Two of the most memorable have been the Remington T Studio Collection 1875 Watt Hair Dryer and the ConairPro Plimatic 2000 Super Turbo Hair Dryer. A good hairdryer hard to come by and the relationship should definitley be taken seriously! All fun aside, when I find a hairdryer I like I stick with it. The market is flooded with almost every kind of imaginable hairdryer out there. You can find hairdryers that mount to your wall, rest on a stand, and blow out cool air. Digging through all the selection is time consuming and wallet draining. The Remington T Studio Collection 1875 Watt Hair Dryer and the ConairPro Plimatic 2000 Super Turbo Hair Dryer are two of my all time favorites, but each is slightly different. Here is a comparison between the Remington T Studio Collection 1875 Watt Hair Dryer and the ConairPro Plimatic 2000 Super Turbo Hair Dryer, you can decide which on is best for you!


Unfortunately, thanks to past experiences I have to say the warranty is one of the first features I check into when buying a new hairdryer. I have to say when I bought both the Remington T Studio Collection 1875 Watt Hair Dryer and the ConairPro Plimatic 2000 Super turbo Hair Dryer this was not an exception. I have had just too many hairdryers burn out within a year of use not to do this. The Remington T Studio Collection 1875 Watt Hair Dryer comes with a 4 year warranty while the ConairPro Plimatic 2000 Super turbo Hair Dryer comes with a two years warranty.


On the recommendation of both my neighbor and my hairdresser I never buy a hairdryer that is less than 1800 watts. You just need that much power to really thoroughly dry your hair in a timely manner. Both the Remington T Studio Collection 1875 Watt Hair Dryer and the ConairPro Plimatic 2000 Super Turbo Hair Dryer come in above this minimum watts level at 1875 and 1900 watts respectively.

Ease of Use

Ok, so I am also notorious for buying bulky hairdryers that are not so easy to hold while I am blow drying my hair out straight. The Remington T Studio Collection 1875 Watt Hair Dryer is a very easy hairdryer to hold and maneuver while I am trying to blow dry my hair and brush it out at the same time. It seems to have been designed with a smaller female hand in mind. It is lightweight and the handle of this high powered hairdryer fits comfortably in my hand. This is an important feature for me because I have a lot of hair and relatively small hands. My hair is also very long. To make matters even more challenging it is also curly. So, for me to invest some serious time blowing it out straight with a hairdryer, I need one that will be comfortable to hold for at least twenty five minutes. While the ConairPro Plimatic 2000 Super Turbo Hair Dryer is not uncomfortable to hold, the Remington T Studio Collection 1875 Watt Hair Dryer just seems to fit a smaller sized hand better.


Price is always an important factor to consider when buying a new hair dryer. Both the Remington T Studio Collection 1875 Watt Hair Dryer and the ConairPro Plimatic 2000 Super turbo Hair Dryer come in right about $40. I have to say that this is just about the maximum amount of money I am willing to spend on a hairdryer. I realize there are some more costly hairdryers out there as well as some cheaper, but as with most small and large appliances, I have found it is better to buy in the middle of the road. The cheaper hair dryers just don’t last as long as the Remington T Studio Collection 1875 Watt Hair Dryer and the ConairPro Plimatic 2000 Super Turbo Hair Dryer. I have bought many hairdryers that cost $9.99 in my life and they always end up in the garbage. On the opposite side I have to say I can not compare either of these hair dryers to a more expensive model since I have never purchased one.

Special Features

Both the Remington T Studio Collection 1875 Watt Hair Dryer and the ConairPro Plimatic 2000 Super Turbo Hair Dryer come with a variety of special features. The Remington T Studio Collection 1875 Watt Hair Dryer comes with an airflow diffuser, concentrator attachments, and a removable air intake filter. Now, that final one is a great feature, which allows you to get more air flowing through your hairdryer. I have had many hair dryers in the past get so clogged in the filter that they couldn’t get air and eventually caused it to overheat and burn out. The ConairPro Plimatic 2000 Super Turbo Hair Dryer also has a removable filter as well as a concentrator nozzle, but no air diffuser. An air diffuser is great for drying curly hair quickly.

Overall I have to say that they are both excellent hairdryers, but if you are looking for more attachments and a longer warranty the Remington T Studio Collection 1875 Watt Hair Dryer is a better buy than the ConairPro Plimatic 2000 Super Turbo Hair Dryer.

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Getting A Gaming And Tech Job

You’re not likely to obtain any high paying work in the newspaper, so quit indulging the fantasy. In case you are intent on seeking one of these jobs the optimal/optimally spot to start look is online. These jobs cannot be compared to any other work in the earth.

Now it’s your responsibility to get out there and begin building your gaming resume. You require fantastic web connectivity and various kinds of gaming consoles because the company hiring game testers may not offer such gadgets.

Thus a trip to a couple gaming companies might be in order. You have to be fully conscious of the way the organizations are responding to the financial circumstance. You’ll find some companies allow you to keep the actual tested game.

There are a couple of cases in which you’ll be eligible to be a video game tester. Moreover you need to know the fundamentals of gaming. The hardest thing about turning into a video game tester is in fact locating a work position.

Some folks get rid of motivation to be a game tester when they see that it’s a real job and you require a particular skill collection. It is frequently told that you are in need of a college degree if you prefer to earn any sort of money, particularly if you are not some sort of musical, acting, or athletic prodigy. So, no technical degree is needed to enter this incredible field.

There are many of gamers who want to become game testers. Beta game testers are required to insure excellent game production. Thus, testing game is among the most crucial areas of the game development approach, or you can test hardware and do reviews for places like TheTechInsider.

You’re going to need fantastic writing and grammar abilities. You must secure the video game requirement in addition to any computer equipment demanded from the industry office. Standard computer knowledge is critical.

It is, therefore, necessary to take care when you are searching for this sort of job to prevent scams. Some employers provide bonuses for the amount of bugs a tester finds and thus offer a source for additional income. Companies strive to create a pool of individuals who are responsible for superior assessment and assurance.

Although the work market could be plentiful for many game testers, it’s a little more barren for home testers. You should find out who is responsible for choosing the game testers and receive their name! A game tester also has to be able to comprehend, and correctly use, good punctuation and capitalization.

It’s the golden opportunity to be a tester, with all this breakthrough technology on the increase. Networking with others will not just make it simpler to come across available testing jobs, but you will have more references to provide future employers, you’re going to get insider information on the most recent gaming developments, and you will even learn about long-term positions that have opened up with a few of the strongest game developers on the planet. It’s an expanding industry that seems to be here to remain.

Plus it additionally supplies you the perfect chance to locate the individuals who should be receiving in touch with. In reality, the mere actuality it’s known as a job ought to be a major clue. For those who are hooked on playing video games, this might not be quite an intelligent career choice as it might produce the problem worse which might cause problems in both your company and individual relationships.

Additionally, you are going to want to be wholly ready for the true work involved inside this job. Should you do a nice job, not only have you got a possible employer, but you will get an amazing reference for future video game tester jobs. You should see to the tester jobs you’re given with some seriousness.

Information about how to locate game testing jobs can readily be found on the net. Game testers are generally paid $8-20 per hour, based on their degree of experience. Employed as a video game tester isn’t enjoy any job.

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Chair Choices

With 3 different width choices, it’s not difficult for just about everyone to sit within this luxurious chair and relish all that it offers. The best thing about such a high chair is it can be attached to a normal chair, and it costs under a normal high chair. A higher chair is essential for your baby once she’s ready for solid food. So it’s always important to pick the right type of dining chair. It is crucial that the dining chair you prefer to buy must finish the whole decor of your dining room. The ideal dining chairs ought to be wide enough for folks to take a seat on in a relaxed way. This lovely dining chair readily available in two lovely black and brown colour.

If it’s a chair that isn’t used often, only an accent inside the room, use any fabric you’d like. This chair assists in keeping up a right posture and fits in a little space. This chair was recommended as an ideal pick even by doctors. This chair is a cut over the rest and will offer you one of the greatest massages you’re likely to receive from a chair. It resembles a standard chair except that there’s no back support. There are typically chairs obtainable for all types of events.

Well normally first thing you’d do whenever you are attempting to purchase furniture for your new house or even when you wish to redo your present house, is rush to the closest furniture shop and check the things that they have in their collection. In regards to purchasing dining room furniture, the majority of people prefer to purchase the dining table and chairs together. Contemporary dining room furniture incorporates classical, urbane and distinctive designs that provide a different appearance to your dining room. Oak dining room furniture can only enhance your house in several ways and it’s one of the greatest investments everyone can make.

Wingback chairs might look like a throwback to the outdated Victorian era, but do you know that the Victorian decor has produced a comeback. If you’re not certain what type of dinning chairs will appear better with the remainder of the furniture you always have the option to ask the recommendations of a designer. It is necessary to have the proper height chair when it comes to gaming so if you are confused check out GeekedAbout for some chair advice.

Ordinarily, as a way to prevent delay of health guidance, individuals buy the chairs and submit an application for reimbursement. These chairs are created by several manufacturers, but among the most well-known models is the Sanyo zero gravity massage chair. It’s vital that the chairs aren’t as large that there’s no room between them for your family members and guest to move comfortably. Sphere chairs are rather popular as a trendy and comfy picks that may add a style element to your present home decor. This chair can be found in standard and deluxe type. For safety reasons it’s a perfect remedy to have a unique chair intended for showering and bathing.

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